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*'''[[media:SilverEtchantTypeTFS.pdf|Silver Etchant Type TFS MSDS]]
*'''[[media:SilverEtchantTypeTFS.pdf|Silver Etchant Type TFS MSDS]]
*'''[[media:Technic25ESGoldPlatingSolution.pdf|Technic 25 ES Gold Plating Solution MSDS]]
*'''[[media:Technic25ESGoldPlatingSolution.pdf|Technic 25 ES Gold Plating Solution MSDS]]

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Below is a list of all chemicals authorized for use in the lab. Please note that only the chemicals that appear in bold are stocked by the lab. All other chemicals have been authorized for users to bring.



Lithography Chemicals

Chemical MSDS Datasheet
1165 Stripper 1165 Stripper MSDS 1165 Stripper Datasheet
Accuglass T-12B Accuglass T-12B MSDS
AP 3000 Adhesion Promoter AP 3000 Adhesion Promoter
AZ 300 MIF Developer
AZ 300T Stripper
AZ 400K Developer
AZ726 MIF Developer
AZ EBR Edge Bead Remover
AZ LOL 2000 Photoresist
AZ nLOF 2020 Photoresist
AZ nLOF 5510 Photoresist
AZ P4110 Photoresist
AZ P4210 Photoresist
AZ P4330 RS Photoresist
AZ P5214 EIR Photoresist
CEM 365 IS
Cyclotene 4024-40 BCB
DS 2100 VCS Developer
ma-N 2403 Photoresist
mr-l-7000 Imprint Polymer mr-l-7000 Datasheet
MCC-101 Developer
Nano MMA Photoresist
NR7-1500PY Photoresist
NXR-1010 Imprint Resist
NXR-1020 Imprint Resist NXR-1020 Datasheet
OCG 825 Photoresist
PMGI SF-series Photoresist
PRX-127 Stripper
RD6 Developer
S1805 Photoresist
SPR 220 Photoresist
SPR 510A Photoresist
SPR 518A Photoresist
SPR 950-0.8 Photoresist
SPR 955 CM
SVC-14 Stripper
Thinner P


Other Chemicals