S-Cubed Flexi - Operating Procedure

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. Content is subject to change.

Only staff & designated maintenance users are allowed to write recipes on this tool!  
Maintaining low particle counts on this tool is extremely important, so users must strictly follow the training procedures. The Underside of your wafers must be clean to avoid contamination!

Processes currently available to lab users:


  • Make sure system is not running a process - Lot view shows no wafers or batches running.
  • Check liquid supplies
    • Check PR, if the PR bottle is empty (see large bubbles in tube) use the "report tool issue" in signupmonkey. Users are not authorized to change or add any of the chemistries.

(If running PMGI, check if nozzles cleaned)

  • Check PR nozzle "bath" - make sure it's not clogged (should have a bit of liquid, but not above drain hole).  If it does, use wooden stick of swab to unclog.
  • Check if hot plates are set to the needs temperatures. If not, run Temp-change recipe:
  1. Load dummy wafer (clean underside)
  2. run recipe: Staff>SET-<HP#>-<TEMP> recipe corresponding to needed temp.
    1. Eg. Staff > SET-HP4-220C will set hotplate 4 to 220°C
  3. Check that hotplate reach desired temp.(will overshoot by ~2-3°C)
  4. After 5min bake, need +/-2°C before running process.

Run Wafers

  • Load test "mechanical" wafer - run a test run of your desired recipe, make sure spin looks ok.  Important for first UV6 run after >6hrs idle.  1st Mechanical wafer will likely show radial nonuniformity as dried PR is ejected.  2nd test wafer should spin with high uniformity.
  • Load your wafers into Left Cassette "Load Port 1", run your Route.

Available PR Spin Recipes

Recipes > Lithography > Automated Coater Recipes - See all available spin-coat recipes for this machine. Only Staff may edit/create recipes.

The developer recipes are prone to damage the hardware if not handled correctly - system is NOT AVAILABLE for automated develop at this time.