Sputter 1 (Custom)

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Sputter 1 (Custom)
Tool Type Vacuum Deposition
Location Bay 3
Description Three-Target DC/RF Sputtering System
Manufacturer ?
Vacuum Deposition Recipes
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The Three-Target DC/RF Sputtering System, built by Sputtered Films, Inc. is based on the "Research S-Gun" and as such, is capable of high sputtering rates (~ A/min.) for metal, semiconductor and dielectric materials with a minimal substrate bombardment caused by secondary electrons. The deposition chamber is non-loadlocked providing for easy sample loading and target/gun changing. Venting and evacuation are automated with a 500 l/s turbo (capable of pumping O2) achieving an ~ 2 E-7 T ultimate pressure (~ 1E-7 with liquid nitrogen flange pocket) in about 6-8 hours. Substrates are clip mounted onto one of several 6 inch diameter platens which mount into a rotating 4-position planetary "flat-wheel". This flat-wheel is concentric with a rotating 3-blade shutter assembly. Each are then manually positioned over one of three sputtering guns, operating one at a time. Available gases for injection include Ar/N2/O2, the latter allowing for nitride and oxide formation. Flow rates of <100 sccm are controlled with standard mass flow controllers. Gun power supplies include: 2.4 kW DC magnetron driver, 13.56 Mhz RF supply for sample sputter cleaning, and a SparcLE Pulsed DC Unit for reactive sputter deposition. Operation is usually in a constant power mode (200-500 watts) with the resulting optimum V, I (and chamber pressure) dependent on the target material. Present available targets include: Al, Al(0.5% Cu or 4% Cu), Ag, Au, Cr, ITO, Nb, Si, Ti, W, W-Si and Zr-Y.

Detailed Specifications

  • 3 target with DC or Pulsed-DC operation
  • Low E-7 T ultimate pressure (10 mT typical operating pressure)
  • 6" diameter sample holder platen with 4" sample-gun spacing
  • Deposition uniformity is ~ 85% over 2 " diameter for SiO2 deposition at 300W