Autostep 200 Troubleshooting and Recovery

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If there is an issue with the tool that requires troubleshooting and recovery, please follow instructions bellow carefully.


Most of the errors are listed on the paper that is attached to the tall cabinet. Here are the most common ones:

What to do in case of computer (monitor) freeze-up

  Please try these things in this order.

  1. Try CTRL C followed by A and Enter.  This will abort any command that may have hung up. Fallow instructions ( tall cabinet, printed paper on the wall)
  2. For Reticle Robot Hang Up:  See step 25 of start-up procedure

What to do in case of unplanned power outage.

  1. CR Staff will take care of the system in the morning.

What to do for an alignment error

  1. Verify that correct alignment key offset is being used (check sign convention)
  2. Verify that correct pass shift is being used (check sign convention)
  3. If you have DFAS alignment marks, perform a MAP job to verify alignment ( check sign convention)

What to do for focus resolution problems

  1. Perform a focus (EXPO) job using the same type of wafer that you will use for your real job and use the optimal focus offset determined from this job.  You may need to look at both exposure time and focus.
  2. If you have been running the same process and now have issues, run SETUP from the : prompt, following the instructions on the GCA Regular Maintenance Sheet.
  3. Verify that you are using correct chuck for a substrate that you are exposing (each chuck has a specific thickness)

What to do in case of the stage limit going too far

  1. Red stage limit light will be lit inside the stepper chamber next to the joystick.
  2. Press the lit limit switch (lower left corner in the environmental chamber) to release the stage.

What to do if you cannot undo the problem or need some help

  1. contact Biljana Stamenic: if it is job related or need some help in using the tool
  2. contact Lee Sawyer: if it is something wrong with the tool/broken
  3. contact Mike Silva if neither Lee Sawyer or Biljana Stamenic can be reached
  4. NOTE: If the tool is down, leave a note by tool. Report the issue on SignupMonkey, by clicking the [Report Tool Issue] button for the AutoStep.