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==GaAs Etch (Panasonic 2)==
==GaAs Etch (Panasonic 2)==
*[[media:|GaAs Etch Recipes - Panasonic 2 ]]
*[[media:16-GaAs_etch-ICP-2.pdf|GaAs Etch Recipes - Panasonic 2 ]]
=[[ICP-Etch (Unaxis VLR)]]=
=[[ICP-Etch (Unaxis VLR)]]=

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Si Deep RIE (PlasmaTherm/Bosch Etch)

Single-step Si Etching (not Bosch Process!) (Si Deep RIE)

ICP Etch 1 (Panasonic E626I)

SiO2 Etching (Panasonic 1)

Al Etch (Panasonic 1)

Cr Etch (Panasonic 1)

Ti Etch (Panasonic 1)

AlGaAs Etch (Panasonic 1)

GaN Etch (Panasonic 1)

ICP Etch 2 (Panasonic E640)

SiO2 Etching (Panasonic 2)

Al Etch (Panasonic 2)

GaAs Etch (Panasonic 2)

ICP-Etch (Unaxis VLR)

GaAs Etch

AlGaAs Etch

InP Etch (Unaxis VLR)

InP Etch

InP Etch (H2 Ar)

GaN Etch (Unaxis VLR)