Tube Furnace AlGaAs Oxidation (Lindberg)

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Tube Furnace AlGaAs Oxidation (Lindberg)
Tool Type Thermal Processing
Location Bay 4
Supervisor Tony Bosch
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-3486
Supervisor E-Mail
Description ?
Manufacturer ?


The Lindberg Furnace is designed for thermal oxidation of small piece parts (less than ~2" wide), under atmospheric pressure water vapor, at temperatures around 400°C. It is commonly used for VCSEL Current Aperture oxidation, via the selective oxidation of AlGaAs layers with high Aluminum content (>95%).


Please ask staff for methods of performing your oxidation using this tool.


Please ask staff or frequent users of the tool, for recipes and oxidation rates. Recipes are highly dependent on your epitaxy and epitaxial structure, and the specifics of the oxidation you are trying to perform.