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Tool Type NONE
Description NONE
Manufacturer NONE
|picture = toolName.jpg
|type  = ToolType
|super = fullName, eg. "Tom Reynolds"
|location = Bay #
|description = This is a Test
|manufacturer = MfgCorp.
|model = (if applicable)
|materials = (If applicable)
|toolid = ### (this is the number at the end of the url for a tool on SignupMonkey. Using 999 will link to the Main tool page on SignupMonkey)
|recipe = The type of process that it is (Lithography, Vacuum Deposition, Dry Etching, Wet Etching, Thermal Processing)

To edit the Supervisor info listed, you must edit this template.

The following variables have specific options:

  • super: Tony Bosch | Ning Cao | Don Freeborn | Aidan Hopkins | Bill Mitchell | Tom Reynolds | Mike Silva | Biljana Stamenic | Brian Thibeault | Jack Whaley | Luis Zuzunaga | Zack Warburg | Brian Lingg | Tino Sy | Mike Day | Demis D. John
  • ToolType: Vacuum Deposition | Dry Etch | Wet Processing | Thermal processing | Packaging | Inspection,_Test_and_Characterization