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This template contains Staff Contact Info (phone, email etc), which is inserted into all Tool pages. <br\>

How to edit Staff contact info

To edit the Supervisor info, you must edit this template in Edit Source mode.

Then find the #ifeq (if equals) line for the supervisor you want to edit, which looks like this for "Jack Whaley", for example:

{{#ifeq: {{{1}}}|Jack Whaley|{{StaffInfo_DJ|Jack Whaley|(805) 893-1234|nanofab@ece.ucsb.edu}} }}

You can see this lists the Supervisor's contact info (phone/email etc) that will be inserted. (The code is a bit of an eyesore because no newlines or spaces can be inserted between each supervisor's options.)

To add a new supervisor option, copy one of the sections, starting from the first pair of curly brackets {{ to the ending 4 brackets }} }}, add it to the list and edit the info as needed. Keep the list alphabetical by last name.


2022-06-26 (Demis): initial version, single-point entry for staff contact info