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=Service Provider=
=Service Provider=
* [http://www.asml.com ASML]
* [http://www.asml.com ASML]
=Operating Procedures=
* [[media:GCA-200-Training-Manual.pdf|Training Manual]]

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Stepper 3 (ASML DUV)
Tool Type Lithography
Location Bay 3
Description ASML PAS 5500/300 DUV Stepper
Manufacturer ASML
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The ASML DUV stepper is a 248nm line stepper for imaging dense features down to below 200nm and isolated line structures down to below 150nm. The system is a variable NA system and has a field image size of 21 x 21mm for 0.63 NA and a field size of 22mm x 27mm for 0.4 to 0.57NA. Overlay accuracy is better than 30nm. The system is configured for 4” wafers and pieces down to 14mm in size can be exposed using a 4” wafer as a carrier.

Process Information

Service Provider

Operating Procedures