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Authors Title Publications
J. Duan, H. Huang, B. Dong, D. Jung, J.C. Norman, J.E. Bowers, F. Grillot 1.3-um Reflection Insensitive InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Lasers Directly Grown on Silicon Submitted to Photonics Technology Letters (2018).
J.S.  Lee, S. Choi, M. Pendharkar, D.J. Pennachio, B. Markman, M. Seas, S. Koelling, M.A. Verheijen,L. Casparis, K.D. Petersson, I. Petkovic, V. Schaller, M.J.W. Rodwell, C.M. Marcus, P.Krogstrup, L.P. Kouwenhoven, E.P.A.M. Bakkers, C.J. Palmstrøm 1Selective-area chemical beam epitaxy of in-plane InAs one-dimensional channels grown on InP(001),InP(111)B, and InP(110) surfaces arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.04563
S. Liu, D. Jung, J. C. Norman, MJ Kennedy, A. C. Gossard, J. E. Bowers 490 fs pulse generation from passively mode-locked single section quantum dot laser directly grown on on-axis GaP/Si Electronics Letters, (54)7, 432-433, March 19, 2018.
C. Neill, P. Roushan, K. Kechedzhi, S. Boixo, S. V. Isakov, V. Smelyanskiy, R. Barends, B. Burkett, Y. Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, A. Fowler, B. Foxen, R.Graff, E. Jeffrey, J. Kelly, E. Lucero, A. Megrant, J. Mutus, M. Neeley, C. Quintana, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. C. White, H. Neven, J. M. Martinis A blueprint for demonstrating quantum supremacy with superconducting qubits Science 360, Issue 6385, 195-199 (2018).   arXiv:1709.06678
M. Garcia, B. Ganapathysubramanian, S. Pennathur A linearised model for calculating inertial forces on a particle in the presence of a permeate flow Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 2019 Feb;861:253-74.  
H. Kim, L. Theogarajan, S. Pennathur A repeatable and scalable fabrication method for sharp, hollow silicon microneedles Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol. 28, No. 3, January 2018.
K.H. Chou, C. McCallum, D. Gillespie, S. Pennathur An experimental approach to systematically probe charge inversion in nanofluidic channels Nano letters. 2018 Jan 11;18(2):1191-5.  
D. T. Spencer, T. Drake, T. C. Briles, J. Stone, L. C. Sinclair, C. Fredrick, Q. Li, D. Westly, B. Robert Ilic, A. Bluestone, N. Volet, T. Komljenovic, L. Chang, S. H. Lee, D. Y. Oh, M.-G. Suh, K. Y. Yang, M. H. P. Pfeiffer, T. J. Kippenberg, E. Norberg, L. Theogarajan, K. Vahala, N. R. Newbury, K. Srinivasan, J. E. Bowers, S.A. Diddams, S. B. Papp An Integrated-Photonics Optical-Frequency Synthesizer Nature Photonics, 557, 81-85, April 25, 2018.
X. Zheng, H. Li, M. Guidry, B. Romanczyk , E. Ahmadi, K. Hestroffer, S. Wienecke , S. Keller, U.K. Mishra Analysis of MOCVD SiNx Passivated N-Polar GaN MIS-HEMTs on Sapphire With High fmax·VDS,Q, IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 39, No. 3, March 2018
H. Huang, J. Duan, D. Jung, A. Liu, Z. Zhang, J. Norman, J. E. Bowers, F. Grillot Analysis of the optical feedback dynamics in InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers directly grown on silicon Journal of the Optical Society of America B, (35)11, 2780-2787, October 12, 2018.
A.C. Espenlaub, A.I. Alhassan, S. Nakamura, C. Weisbuch, J.S. Speck Auger-generated hot carrier current in photo-excited forward biased single quantum well blue light emitting diodes Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 141106, 2018.
N.A. Butakov, M.W. Knight, T.Lewi, P.P. Iyer, D. Higgs, H.T. Chorsi, J. Trastoy, J.D.V. Grande, I. Valmianski, C. Urban, Y. Kalcheim, P.Y. Wang, P.W.C. Hon, I.K. Schuller, J.A. Schuller


Broadband Electrically Tunable Dielectric Resonators Using Metal-Insulator Transitions ACS Photonics 5, pp.  4054-4060 Journal
P. Li, B. Bonef, M. Khoury, G. Lheureux,H. Li, J. Kang, S. Nakamura, S.P. DenBaars Carrier dynamics of two distinct localized centers in 530 nm InGaN green light-emitting diodes Superlattices and Microstructures 113  684-689
K. Ahadi,Z. Gui, Z. Porter, J. W. Lynn, Z. Xu, S. D. Wilson, A. Janotti, S. Stemmer Carrier Density Control of Magnetism and Berry Phases in Doped EuTiO3 APL Mater. 6, 056105 (2018).
S. Liu, T. Komljenovic, S. Srinivasan, E. Norberg, G. Fish, J. E. Bowers Characterization of a fully integrated heterogeneous silicon/III-V colliding pulse mode-locked laser with on-chip feedback Optics Express, (26)8, 9714-9723, April 4, 2018.
M.J. Weaver, F.Buters, F.Luna, H.Eerkens, K. Heeck, S. de Man, D.Bouwmeester Coherent optomechanical state transfer between disparate mechanical resonators Nature Communicationsvolume 8, Article number: 824 (2017)
S.H. Chan, D.Bisi, M. Tahhan, C. Gupta, S.P. DenBaars, S. Keller, E. Zanoni, U.K. Mishra Comparing electrical characteristics of in situ and ex situ Al2O3/GaN interfaces formed by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition Applied Physics Express, Vol. 11, No. 4, 13 March 2018
D.L. Becerra, D.A. Cohen, S. Mehari, S.P. DenBaars, S. Nakamura Compensation effects of high oxygen levels in semipolar AlGaN electron blocking layers and their mitigation via growth optimization Journal of Crystal Growth 507  118–123
C.A. Forman, S.G. Lee, E.C. Young, J.A. Kearns, D.A. Cohen, J.T. Leonard, T. Margalith, S.P. DenBaars,S. Nakamura Continuous-wave operation of m-plane GaN-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with a tunnel junction intracavity contact Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 112, Issue 11, 2018.
S.R. Meeker, B.A. Mazin, A.B. Walter, P. Strader, N.Fruitwala, C. Bockstiegel, P. Szypryt, G. Ulbricht, G. Coiffard, B. Bumble, G. Cancelo, T. Zmuda, K. Treptow, N. Wilcer, G. Collura, R. Dodkins, I. Lipartito, N. Zobrist, M. Bottom, J. C. Shelton, D. Mawet, J.C. van Eyken, G. Vasisht, E. Serabyn DARKNESS: A Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector Integral Field Spectrograph for High-contrast Astronomy Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 130, Issue 988, pp. 065001 (2018).
M. Buffolo, M. Pietrobon, C. De Santi, F. Samparisi, M. L. Davenport, J. E. Bowers, G. Meneghesso, E. Zanoni, M. Meneghini Degradation mechanisms of heterogeneous III-V/Silicon loop-mirror laser diodes for photonic integrated circuits Microelectronics Reliability, 88-90, 855-858, September 30, 2018.
B. Romanczyk, S. Wienecke, M. Guidry, H. Li, E. Ahmadi, X. Zheng, S. Keller, U.K. Mishra Demonstration of Constant 8 W/mm Power Density at 10, 30, and 94 GHz in State-of-the-Art Millimeter-Wave N-Polar GaN MISHEMTs IEEE Transactions On Electron Devices, Vol. 65, No. 1, Jan 2018
S. Mehari, D.A. Cohen, D.L. Becerra, S. Nakamura, S.P. DenBaars Demonstration of enhanced continuous-wave operation of blue laser diodes on a semipolar 20(21)over-bar GaN substrate using indium-tin-oxide/thin-p-GaN cladding layers Optics Express, Vol. 26, Issue 2,1564 2018.
A.I. Alhassan, N.G. Young, R.M. Farrell, C. Pynn, F. Wu, A.Y. Alyamani, S. Nakamura, S.P. Denbaars, J.S. Speck Development of high performance green c-plane III-nitride light-emitting diodes Optics express, vol. 26, no. 5: Optical Society of America, pp. 5591–5601, 2018.
B. Saifaddin, C. J. Zollner, A. Almogbel, H. Foronda, F. Wu, A. Albadri, A. Al Yamani, M. Iza, S. Nakamura, S. P. DenBaars, et al. Developments in AlGaN and UV-C LEDs grown on SiC Light-Emitting Diodes: Materials, Devices, and Applications for Solid State Lighting XXII, vol. 10554: International Society for Optics and Photonics, pp. 105541E, 2018.
R. Salemmilani, B.D. Piorek, A.W. FountainIII, M. Moskovits, C.D. Meinhart Dielectrophoretic Nanoparticle Aggregation for On-Demand Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Analysis Anal. Chem.201890137930-7936

Publication Date:June 4, 2018

W. Xie, J. Huang, T. Komljenovic, L. Coldren, J. Bowers Diffraction Limit in Centimeter Scale: Metasurface Grating Antenna for Phased Array LiDAR arXiv, arXiv:1810.00106, September 28, 2018.
D. Inoue, D. Jung, J. Norman, Y. Wan, N. Nishiyama, S. Arai, A. C. Gossard, J. E. Bowers Directly modulated 1.3 μm quantum dot lasers epitaxially grown on silicon Optics Express, (26)6, 7022-7033, March 7, 2018.
Y. Wan, D. Inoue, D. Jung, J.C. Norman, C. Shang, A.C. Gossard, J.E. Bowers Directly modulated quantum dot lasers on silicon with a milliampere threshold and high temperature stability Photonics Research Vol. 6, Issue 8, pp. 776-781 (2018) •
D. Jung, D.J. Ironside, S.R. Bank, A.C. Gossard, J.E. Bowers Effect of growth interruption in 1.55 μm InAs/InAlGaAs quantum dots on InP grown by molecular beam epitaxy Journal of Applied Physics 123, 205302 (2018);
J. Kim, H. Kim, M. E. Kilic, C. Gayner, R. Koltun, H. Park, A. Soon, J. Bowers, C. Palmstrøm, W. Kim Effect of phonon confinement on the thermal conductivity of In0.53Ga0.47As nanofilms Journal of Applied Physics, 123, 245103, June 25, 2018.
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J. A. Frey, H. J. Snijders, J. Norman, A. C. Gossard, J. E. Bowers, W. Lӧffler, D. Bouwmeester Electro-optic tuning of microcavities with a single quantum dot arXiv, arXiv:1805.03387, May 9, 2018.
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H. Snijders, J. A. Frey, J. Norman, V. P. Post, A. C. Gossard, J. E. Bowers, M. P. van Exter, W. Löffler, D. Bouwmeester Fiber-coupled Cavity-QED Source of Identical Single Photons Physical Review Applied,  9, 031002, March 28, 2018.
P. V. Klimov, J. Kelly, J. Chen, M. Neeley, A. Megrant, B. Burkett, R. Barends, K. Arya, B. Chiaro, Y. Chen, A. Dunsworth, A. Fowler, B. Foxen, C. Gidney, M. Giustina, R. Graff, T. Huang, E. Jeffrey, Erik Lucero, J. Mutus, O. Naaman, C. Neill, C. Quintana, P. Roushan, Daniel Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. White, S. Boixo, R. Babbush, V. Smelyanskiy, H. Neven, John M. Martinis Fluctuations of Energy-Relaxation Times in Superconducting Qubits arXiv:1809.01043, September 2018
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R.-L. Chao, L. Liang, J.-W. Shi, T. Komljenovic, J. Hulme, M. J. Kennedy, J. E. Bowers Fully Integrated Photonic Millimeter-Wave Tracking Generators on Heterogeneous III-V/Si Platform IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, (30)10, 919-922, April 10, 2018.
S.G. Lee, C.A. Forman, C. Lee, J. Kearns, E.C. Young, J.T. Leonard, D.A. Cohen, J.S. Speck, S. Nakamura, S.P. DenBaars GaN-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with tunnel junction contacts grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition Applied Physics Express, Vol. 11, Issue 6, 062703, 2018.
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H. Nili, G.C. Adam, B. Hoskins, M. Prezioso, J. Kim, M.R. Mahmoodi, F. Merrikh Bayat, O. Kavehei, D.B. Strukov Hardware-intrinsic security primitives enabled by analogue state and nonlinear conductance variations in integrated memristors Nature Electronics 1, pp. 197–202, 2018 (Journal Cover).
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N. Arroyo-Curras, K. Scida, K.L. Ploense, T.E. Kippin, K.W. Plaxco High Surface Area Electrodes Generated via Electrochemical Roughening Improve the Signaling of Electrochemical Aptamer-Based Biosensors Anal. Chem. 2017, 89, 12185-12191.
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S. Liu, X. Wu, D. Jung, J.C. Norman, M. Kennedy, H.K. Tsang, A.C. Gossard, J.E. Bowers High-channel-count low-noise 20 GHz passively mode locked quantum dot laser directly grown on Si with 4.1 Tbit/s transmission capacity submitted to Optica (2018).
C. Weisbuch Historical perspective on the physics of artificial lighting Comptes Rendus Physique 19, 3, 2018.
D.J. Myers, , K. Gelžinytė, W. Ying Ho, J. Iveland, L. Martinelli, J. Peretti, C. Weisbuch, J. S. Speck Identification of low-energy peaks in electron emission spectroscopy of InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 124, pp. 055703, 2018.
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M. Monovarian, A. Rashidi, A. A. Aragon, S. H. Oh, A. K. Rishinaramangalam, Steven P. DenBaars, D. Feezell Impact of crystal orientation on the modulation bandwidth of InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes Applied Physics Letters, 2018.
D. Jung, R. Herrick, J. Norman, K. Turnlund, C. Jan, K. Feng, A. C. Gossard, J. E. Bowers Impact of threading dislocation density on the lifetime of InAs quantum dot laser on Si Applied Physics Letters, 112, 153507, April 13, 2018.
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A. Spott, E. J. Stanton, A. Torres, M. L. Davenport, C. L. Canedy, I. Vurgaftman, M. Kim, C. S. Kim, C. D. Merritt, W. W. Bewley, J. R. Meyer, J. E. Bowers Interband Cascade Laser on Silicon Optica, (5)8, 996-1005, August 16, 2018.
C-C. Chang, A. Nowbahar, V. Mansard, I. Williams, J. Mecca, A. Schmitt, T. Kalantar, T-C. Kuo, T.M. Squires Interfacial rheology and heterogeneity of aging asphaltene layers at the water-oil interface Langmuir , 34, 5409−5415 (2018) 10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b00176.
S. Gundavarapu, M. Belt, T.A. Huffman, M.A. Tran, T. Komljenovic, J.E. Bowers, D.J. Blumenthal Interferometric Optical Gyroscope Based on an Integrated Si3N4 Low-Loss Waveguide Coil J. Lightwave Technol. 36, 1185-1191 (2018).
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Volume 23, April 2018, Pages 60-71

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