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|type = Lithography
|type = Lithography
|super= Brian Lingg
|super= Michael Barreraz
|super2= Aidan Hopkins
|location=Bay 6
|location=Bay 6
|description = Programmable Oven
|description = Programmable Oven

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Oven 4 (Thermo-Fisher HeraTherm)
Tool Type Lithography
Location Bay 6
Description Programmable Oven
Manufacturer Thermo Scientific
Model HeraTherm
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This oven is often used for long thermal cures and wafer bonding. It has programmable temperature ramps and hold times, but the ramp rate is only "low/med./high" (not an exact ramp rate). A manual needle valve for nitrogen purge has been installed on the back of the oven.


  • Maximum Temperature = 330 C (no active cooling)
  • Gases: N2, manually set with needle valve (not programmable)
  • Multi-step programmable temperature ramps
  • Programmable atmospheric purge (for cooling)


To Do: User Manual