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== '''''Error, Calibration, Error logging Procedures for Users''''' ==
== Error, Calibration, Error logging Procedures for Users ==
=== Error Log full ===
=== Error Log full ===

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Error, Calibration, Error logging Procedures for Users

Error Log full

  1. Close logging window 
  2. Open new console window: Rt click on Desktop, select (ASML)
  3. At % prompt, type logging (all lowercase!)
  4. Resize window and place in upper right area of screen as normal.

Wafer Recovery / Wafer Handler Issues during Batch operation

  1. Make sure no Batches are Running or Waiting! Abort the Batch or Stop the Queue.
    1. Never exit the Task Streaming screen while Batches are incomplete/running, you will enter software limbo on infinite loop drive, requiring a software restart.
  2. Lift black cover behind keyboard
  3. Press AWH button for 1 sec and release (resets Wafer Handler)
  4. Wait until wafer handler “system booting” message is done and warning window in bottom left of main computer console has disappeared. Log window should say it booted succesfully. Takes a few minutes.
  5. (DO NOT do FAST STARTUP from error message, go to main menu!)
  6. Exit to main menu
  7. Go to Start/Stop
  8. Fast Startup
  9. Start - will reinitialize the wafer handler system
  10. Once complete, back to main menu
  11. If wafers in machine, go to material handler (Mat Hdl)
    1. Go to Remove Wafers menu and Collect Wafers
    2. Back to main menu when finished.
  12. If system says wafer is missing, contact engineer

IQC (Image Quality Control) Calibration Check

  1. Main Menu > Test Manager > Run Tests > Metrology Verification > Image Quality Control
  2. Accept (Upper Button)
  3. Perform Measurement
  4. Choose System Correction
    1. # Cycles = 1
    2. # Measurements = 3
    3. # Corrections = 1
    4. M "Measure" mode only (does Not update internal lookup tables)
    5. (UCSB numbers for test 1  3  1  M)
  5. Accept to run the test
    1. If | focus correction | < 50nm, system OK, note number in log book
    2. If | focus correction | > 50nm, run test again, if number keeps dropping, keep running until number stable
    3. If | focus correction | is still > 50nm, discuss with engineer 

Laser Refill (or laser calling for gas injection)

  1. Main Menu > Test Manager
  2. Open Cmd Handler (Cmd Hdl) (Top Menu)
    1. Illumination and Projection > Illumination
      1. Use Laser Start if laser asking for gas injection, otherwise do New Laser Fill