KLA-Tencor Surfscan - Standard Operating Procedure

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  • LOG IN using the access code: boss ( if the keyboard is not working use the virtual keyboard on the monitor)
  • Double click on the icon “SCAN”
  • Select the option “Recipe” (upper left corner) /Load
  • Load one of the standard recipes: (UCSBTEST1 - for 8” wafers; UCSBTEST2- for 4”wafers). Do not make any changes in those recipes!
  • Press OK, and recipe will be loaded (will show the name of the recipe- top of the monitor)
  • Select the option “Recipe” / scroll down to option “Save as”
  • “Save as”- save the recipe under your name
  • Select the option “Recipe” /View/Modify
  • Modify your recipe (wafer diameter, edge exclusion, gain (it could be from 1-8), threshold and etc).
  • On the same page select the option “Bin Split” and click on “Default Bin”. This would update changes in your recipe.
  • Save the changes
  • Use one of the carriers - says “SURSFCAN” on it
  • Load the wafers in the carrier
  • Make sure face is up/ Major cut could be facing either way
  • Place cassette in the right indexer (for 4”) or left indexer (for 8”)
  • Make sure cassette is sitting properly
  • Select on the monitor option “CASS” – (Cassette)
  • Wait for the tool to read all wafers in the cassette
  • If you want to scan ONLY ONE wafer, select the wafer you want to scan, then click “START” (upper bar)
  • Wait for the wafer to be picked up and scaned. Record results of the scan.
  • If you want to scan multiple wafers – select option “AUTO”, then “START”
  • When the scan is complete, click on the “HOME” option, select “recipe/exit”
  • Write details regarding the scan/or issue in the log book
  • PLEASE LOG OFF after using the tool

Standard recipes that could be used for scanning particles:

USCBTEST1- for scanning  8” wafers (left indexer)

USCBTEST2- for scanning  4” wafers (right indexer)

The recipe USCBTEST2 is used for checking the film quality on 4” wafers. If  “Gain 2” is selected in the recipe, the wafer will be scanned only for big size particles ( 1.6-28.0)um. If “Gain 4” is selected in the recipe, then the wafer will be scanned only for small size particles (0.16-1.6)um. The scan might fail If the wafer has a lot of particles. In this case you need to change the Gain, and try to scan again. All calibrations in the cleanroom are done using Gain2 and Gain4.

Please do not update those recipes. Make the changes only in your own recipes.