Optical Profilometer - White-Light/Phase-Shift Interference (Filmetrics Profilm3D)

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Optical Profilometer - Filmetrics Profilm3D
Filmetrics Profilm3D System Photo.png
Tool Type Inspection, Test and Characterization
Location Bay 4
Supervisor Tony Bosch
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-3486
Supervisor E-Mail bosch@ece.ucsb.edu
Description Optical Profilometer
Manufacturer Filmetrics Inc.
Model Profilm3D


The Filmetrics Profilm3D is an optical profilometer, using White-Light Interferometry (WLI) and/or Phase-Shift Interference (PSI) imaging through microscope objectives, to produce a 3D image of the sample.

Technique & Capabilities

White-Light Interferometry (WLI) provides an optical measurement similar to a Confocal Microscope, although using white light instead of a single color.

Phase-Shift Interference (PSI) enables sub-nm surface topography for nominally "flat" samples (ie. no step heights), enabling AFM types of measurements with no surface contact and in much less time. Surface curvature of a few-mm area can also be obtained.



Thickness Range 50 nm – 10 mm 0 – 3 µm
RMS Roughness Repeatability 1.0 nm 0.1 nm
Step Height Accuracy

(8µm step, 1σ)

0.7% (8 µm step)
Step Height Repeatability

(8µm step, 100 measurements, 1σ)

0.1% (8 µm step)


Nikon CF IC Epi Plan - Mirau Inferferometric Objectives

Please use the Working Distances below to adjust your Z-height accordingly when switching objectives.

Magnification: 5x 10x 50x
Working Distance 9.3 mm 7.4 mm 3.4 mm
Field of View

(1x zoom)

4.0 x 3.4 mm 2.0 x 1.7 mm 0.4 x 0.34 mm
Resolving Power of Lens 2.1 µm 0.92 µm 0.5 µm
Spatial Sampling at 4x Zoom

(pixel size projected on sample)

1.76 µm 0.88 µm 0.176 µm
Numeric Aperture 0.13 0.30 0.55


Z Range 100 mm
Piezo Range 500 μm
Scan Speed, Vertical 12 μm
XY Stage Type Automated/Motorized
XY Stage Range 100 mm x 100 mm
Tip/Tilt Stage ± 5°, Manual
Camera 2592 x 1944 (5 megapixels)
Camera Zoom* 1X, 2X, 4X

Operating Procedures

Quick Start - Surface Roughness Measurement (PSI Mode)

Quick Start - Step Height Measurement (WLI Mode)

Image Stitching for Large-Area Roughness Scans

Offline software

  • ProfilmOnline.com (Filmetrics) - online analysis/storage/sharing of 3D topographical data and images. Free account creation, your data remains private unless explicitly shared. This is the recommended method to acquire your files from this tool, as opposed to using the Nanofiles system.