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The Recipe Link "rl" template is used on the Tables of recipes, such as the Dry Etching Recipes page. We use this to show that a recipe is available for some material, and also link to the page/section with that recipe.

It will display the text "R" and allows you to link to a subheading on a page (eg. one of the links in the table of contents on a page). The resulting URL will jump to that position on the web page.


This template (rl = Recipe Link) takes 2 arguments.

  • the first argument is the name of the main page.
  • the second argument is the subheading that you want to link to.


To link to the section "Al Etch (Panasonic 1)" on the ICP Etching Recipes page, you would write the template like so:

{{rl|ICP Etching Recipes|Al Etch (Panasonic 1)}}

This will display as so: