Step Profile (Dektak IIA)

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Step Profile (Dektak IIA)
Tool Type Inspection, Test and Characterization
Location Bay 4
Supervisor Mike Silva
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-3096
Supervisor E-Mail
Description Dektak Profilometer
Manufacturer Sloan (now Veeco)

This tool has been decommissioned and removed from the lab, as of 2018-10-09.
Information on this page is for reference/historical purposes only.


The Dektak is a profilometer for measuring step heights or trench depths on a surface. This is a surface contact measurement technique where a very low force stylus is dragged across a surface. The display range of the data is 200 A to 655,000 A (65.5 um) with a vertical resolution of ~ 5 A. The lateral resolution is limited by the tip shape. A video camera with variable magnification allows for manual placement of the stylus and the system is programmed for scan length and speed. Data leveling is done in the software and printouts with cursor locations and step heights are provided. The data can also be saved to a PC for further analysis.

Detailed Specifications

  • 20 mm maximum sample thickness
  • Display range of 200 A up to 655,000 A (65.5 um)
  • ~ 5 A vertical resolution
  • Standard stylus radius is 12.5 um
  • 5 inch stage diameter with manual controls for moving and leveling
  • Software data leveling
  • Data markers for step height and thermal printouts of data
  • Data can be exported to a PC