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Useful info for charging items for Remote 'Fab Services on RechargeApp.

Supplies Costs

Here are some costs of typical supplies, used by Remote 'Fab Service users. Charge for All wafers, including test/dummy wafers that we don't send to the user. Discuss any possible exceptions as needed.

Item Cost Notes
Wafers (use these for billing)
Silicon Prime -Grade 100mm $16.95 per wafer random doping, <100>.

(average price)

Silicon "Ultraflat" 100mm $55 per wafer for high-res. ASML, random doping, <100>
Containers etc.
1.5" wafer trays $        2.00
1.5" spring/spiders $        0.75
2" wafer trays $        3.00
2" spring/spiders $        0.75
3" wafer tray $        4.26
3" spring/Spring $        1.02
4" wafer tray $        4.51 Tray + Spring = $5.59

Stored in Chase 6, large blue tote on floor.

4" spring/spring $        1.08
Dicing Supplies
Ultron 8" Shipper $      12.75 Stored in Demis' Office
Ultron 8" Frame $      14.25 Standard metal ring used for dicing
Ultron 6" Shipper $      11.25 Stored in Demis' Office
Ultron 6" Frame $        9.25 Old metal rings, have many left over.
Grip Rings: (not currently used)
Ultron 8" Grip-Ring $      11.00
Ultron 6" Grip-Ring $      10.50

FedEx Charges

To be added

- use "NanoFab passthrough" account

- view Ship History and View Details to get the "courtesy rate quote" (should be ~$20).

- Charge that amount to the user. See below for Overhead on these rates.

Overhead charges

All Non-UC users must be charged an additional percentage (currently 55.5%) on extra supplies (wafers, trays, FedEx shipping etc.). This is because UC researchers are required to give 55.5% of all their incoming grant funding directly to UC for overhead, so external users should also have to pay this to make it equal.

This charge is called the "Facilities and Administrative", or "F&A" rate.

RechargeApp now has this feature built-in to make it easier.

  1. As normal, choose "Add Line Item for Other Charges" (eg. wafers, wafer trays, supplies or shipping costs) RechargeApp - 01 - line items for other charges.png
  2. You'll see the field for "F&A Rate", which defaults to the 55.5% (editable by BrianT).
    1. When this value is set, the Invoices will add a 2nd line-item, which is a copy of what you typed in, but only the 55.5% charge as a separate item.
  3. If you are billing a U.C. user (UC Santa Cruz, Irvine, Riverside etc. etc.), set the F&A rate to Zero: 0.
    1. They will Not have the F&A line-item added to their invoice as long as the rate = 0. RechargeApp - 02 - F+A auto v2.png
  4. Save the Line Item.

The new item is only added when Invoices are generated, typically at the end of the billing month. So you can safely edit these as much as needed before Invoices are generated.

If a "Line Item for Other Charges" must be edited after Invoices have been generated, be sure to check for incorrect or additional Line Items created for F&A charges.

Billing Rates: Which Should I Use?

You see all our rates at the NanoFab Website > Services.

Staff or CR is "Staff time" versus "Cleanroom Hours", as before.

Pay attention, there are three different academic rates now!

  • UC (Univ. of California - eg. UCLA, UCIrvine, UCSB etc.) are "UC Academic" or "UCAcad"
  • Non-UC is "External Academic" or "ExAcad" - eg. military/government, other universities etc.
  • Companies/Industrial is "Indus"

"Saw" is for dicing saw rates (to be eventually lowered below std. CR rate)

IBL is Ion-Beam Litho, ie. the Raith Velion

EBL is Electron-Beam Litho, ie. the JEOL EBL