KLA Tencor P7 - Saving Profile Data

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To save or export raw numeric data of a profile/scan.

  1. Click the "APEX" Analysis button to load the profile data in the APEX software.
    1. KLA-Tencor P7 - Saving Data - 1-APEX button.jpg
  2. Press Alt-Tab (maybe multiple times) to Switch to the APEX software, which launches in the background.
    1. KLA-Tencor P7 - Saving Data - 2-switch to APEX.jpg
  3. Go to the Studiables tab, and click "Save the Profile"
    1. KLA-Tencor P7 - Saving Data - 3-Apex Save the Studiable profile.jpg
  4. Save as file type "TXT - ASCII"
    1. KLA-Tencor P7 - Saving Data - 4-Save as TXT.jpg
  5. Choose your data options, typical parameters below:
    1. 5-Export Options.jpg
  6. Save your data inside the "USERS - NanoFiles" folder (linked in the sidebar, desktop and Start bar), being sure to save within your group's folder (see here for more info).
  7. When done, please Close the APEX software and switch back to the main profilometer software.