Autostep 200 User Accessible Commands

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These are the user accessible commands and useful control characters.

Stepper Commands

List of commands

CHUCK- To change chuck size

COPY – Use this command to copy a file(job) from someone else’ s directory to your own. You will need to know the user log in info and the filename.

  1. Log into the account you want to copy to (for example LOG IN [10,3] )
  2. Account to copy from [10,61]
  3. Account to copy to [10,3]
  4. Job to copy: TEST
  5. LOG IN [10,3]
  6. COPY
  7. From? [10,61]TEST.*
  8. To? [10,3]

COPY – Use this command to copy a file (jobx) to another file (joby) in the same directory. Edit (joby) and make changes if needed.


DELETE – Removes a file from system

DISP – Display the parameters for a job

EDIT – Use to edit exposure jobs and passes

EX, EXEC – Use this to execute an exposure job

EXPO – Use this to perform a focus and/or exposure calibration

HELP – Use this to find out the syntax and use of any command.

JOB – To edit a job from a menu

LISTF – Lists a directory of files (LISTF T* will list files starting with T; LISTF *T will list files ending with T)

LOAD – moves the stage to the load position, may be needed if the stage/computer hangs up.

LOG IN [10,xxx] – To log into computer. Each group (or company) has unique LOG IN info.

LOG OUT – To log out of system.

PURGE – Delete files from directory

RENAME – Rename a file

RMSL – Load a reticle box into the elevator

RMSR – Return a reticle from the stepper to the box.

SPEC – Create a job file, must go all the way through to save the job.

RMS- Reticle management system

DFAS-dark filed alignment system

Control Characters

List of characters

A – Toggles between left and right alignment die when using non-standard keys.

D – Sets joystick to move from die to die.

T – Sets joystick to move left alignment die under right objective.

E – Exit out of D or T mode so that joystick is back to normal.

O – Vary joystick speed during alignment.

F – Each time you press this, it will move the stage about an increasing spiral path away from the initial location.  Use this repeatedly to find the alignment marks for samples placed differently on chuck than in initial exposure.

CTRL C followed by A and Enter – Abort back to colon prompt

CTRL S – stops monitor scrolling function

CTRL Q – resumes monitor scrolling function