ASML 5500: Recovering from a Typo in Reticle ID

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If you ran a job and got "Reticle Not Present" due to a typo in your job/layer/image's reticle ID.

  1. Do NOT exit task streaming!
  2. Abort the Batch: Choose the task, click "Abort"
  3. In the following popup window, click "Remove Wafer from Litho Cluster"
  4. Wait for the task status to change from "Aborting" to "Aborted"

Your wafer should be removed to Port #2, and the task should be "Aborted" on the task list.

Edit your job and type in the correct reticle ID. You can look at the "Mat Hdl" (Material handler) > Exchange Reticles and copy/paste the Recticle ID from there.