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There are three standard recipes : STD SiO2, STD Nitride2, and STD LS Nitride2 at 300C. Instructions bellow explain how to run each of the recipes ( seasoning, deposition, cleaning)


Standard oxide deposition

  1. Log in to Advanced PECVD #2
  2. Seasoning
    • Load the seasoning recipe (STD SiO2), and run it. The goal of this step is to coat oxide on chamber walls and prepare it for deposition.
  3. Deposition
    • Vent the chamber and load the substrate (place it in the center of platen). You can place small pieces around the wafer to protect it from moving.
    • Pump down.
    • Load the deposition recipe (SiN@250C), and run it. Deposition time is variable. Get the rate from historical data.
    • Unload the wafer.
  4. Cleaning
    • Wipe sidewall first with DI water, followed by IPA.
    • Load the cleaning recipe (CH4/O2 clean). Edit the recipe and enter required time for cleaning.
    • Log out

STD Nitride2

Standard nitride deposition

STD LS Nitride2

Standard low stress nitride deposition