Wafer Bonder (Logitech WBS7)

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Wafer Bonder (Logitech WBS7)
Logitech WBS7 Bonder Schematic from Manual.png
Tool Type Thermal Processing
Location Bay 5
Supervisor Don Freeborn
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-7975
Supervisor E-Mail dfreeborn@ece.ucsb.edu
Description Wafer Bonder WSB7
Manufacturer Logitech


This tool is most often used for bonding samples to Silicon carrier wafers with CrystalBond wax. This can be used for through-etching of the sample wafer, for dicing, or sometimes for lithography.

A user can place the two wafers to be bonded in contact, with the adhesive in between (such as wax, photoresist etc.). A rubber membrane is lowered on top, creating a small vacuum chamber. The tool can then be programmed to heat the wafers and melt the wax/cure the adhesive, while vacuum is pulled in the chamber, which pulls the rubber membrane down onto the top wafer. This flattens the bond and evacuates bubbles from between the wafers, providing a planar bond.

We also have recipes for spin-coating the crystalbond wax, allowing for a uniform coating of the adhesive wax.

Detailed Specifications

  • Substrate Size: 4"-6"
  • Temperature Range: 20c-188c

Operation Procedures