UV Ozone Quick Start

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  1. The distance from the face of your sample to the lamps in critical. It should be 5mm or less. I have set the height to the maximum so the stage will only have to be adjusted (lowered) for samples thicker than 5mm. You will not break the lamps if your sample is too thick and the stage is not adjusted correctly but you will not be able to close the sample drawer.
  2. Press and release the #1 button on the controller.
  3. Enter the length of time the system is to "exhaust" after the UV turns off and press the "E" button.
  4. Press and release the #2 button on the controller.
  5. Enter the "Total time" for the process and press the "E" button (i.e. If the value for #1 is set to 5 minutes and the value for #2 is set to 7 minutes the system will run the UV for 2 minutes and exhaust for 5 minutes). The value for #2 must be greater than the value for #1.
  6. If you make a mistake and #1 is greater than #2 the UV will not shut off. In this case just cycle the power switch on the front panel.