Tube Furnace (Tystar 8300)

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Tube Furnace (Tystar 8300)
Tool Type Thermal Processing
Location Bay 3
Supervisor Tony Bosch
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-3486
Supervisor E-Mail
Description Tystar 8" 3-Tube Oxidation/Annealing System
Manufacturer Tystar Corporation


The three stack Tystar 8” furnace is used primarily for 3 processes. The processes are dedicated for one tube each:

  1. Dry or wet oxidation of silicon
  2. Dry or wet oxidation of AlGaAs (or other materials)
  3. General furnace annealing

The tubes can hold up to twenty-five 8” wafers per cycle. We have boats for various wafer sizes, including pieces. The maximum temperature is 1050°C for the system. Gases used are O2, Steam from DI-H2O, N2.

Under the “ambient” variable use the following:

  • Wet – 0.945
  • Dry – 1.298

These numbers will give accurate growth calculations.

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