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Tool Type NONE
Description NONE
Manufacturer NONE

This template inserts the above panel into a page.

Copy/paste the following code to include this template in a page. Preferably inserted at the top of the page.

|super = Tool Supervisor name from the list below
|picture = toolName.jpg
|type  = One of the tool types from the list below
|recipe = One of the process types, from the list below
|toolid = ### the Tool ID number from SignupMonkey
|location = Bay #
|description = This is a machine
|manufacturer = MfgCorp.
|model = (if applicable)
|materials = (If applicable)


You can add the following "arguments" in the template.

  • Supervisor: The |super = argument must match one of the names listed below, and email/phone will be filled in automatically. See the section below for available options/how to edit info.
  • picture: A photograph of the tool. You must Upload the image file first (see Upload File on the left sidebar), then
    Copy the resulting filename and Paste it into this argument.
  • Type of Tool: The |type = argument must match one of the defined values below. This will will automatically link to the correct Tool Listing wiki page (eg. Dry Etching vs. Deposition etc.)
  • Recipe Link: The |recipes = argument must match one of the defined values below. This will will automatically link to the correct Recipes wiki page (eg. Dry Etching vs. Deposition etc.)
  • Tool ID on SignupMonkey: The |toolid = argument will create a link to the Signup Monkey page for this tool. This is the number at the end of the url for a tool on SignupMonkey. Using 999 will link to the Main tool list on SignupMonkey.
  • location, description, manufacturer, model, materials : You can type anything you want for these, or leave them out entirely to omit that section.
  • Name: By default, this argument is not included, and the title of the page will be used (which should be the name of the tool). If you want to change the name printed, add a line like:
    |name = Optional Tool Name

Supervisor Information

The Supervisor information (email, phone) is inserted automatically by the template. Their info is coded in the template, hence there is no "email" or "phone" argument in the above example.

To edit the Supervisor info listed, you must edit this template.

Arguments with Specific Values

The following arguments have specific options, only enter one of these values:

  • super: Tony Bosch | Ning Cao | Mike Day | Don Freeborn | Aidan Hopkins | Demis D. John | Brian Lingg | Bill Mitchell | Tom Reynolds | Lee Sawyer | Mike Silva | Biljana Stamenic | Tino Sy | Brian Thibeault | Zack Warburg | Jack Whaley | Luis Zuzunaga |
  • ToolType: Vacuum Deposition | Dry Etch | Wet Processing | Thermal processing | Packaging | Inspection,_Test_and_Characterization
  • recipe: Lithography | Vacuum Deposition | Dry Etching | Wet Etching | Thermal Processing