Suss MA-6 Backside Alignment QuickStart

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Quick Instructions – for users that are already familiar with the tool – for aligning your mask plate to the back side of a wafer. "BSA" stands for "Back Side Alignment".

  1. Load mask plate into tool. No sample inserted yet. Empty Sample holder with cutouts for back-side microscope should be fully inserted.
  2. Enable [BSA MICROSCOPE] soft button, which sets the arrow keys to move the back-side aligning microscope.
    1. Knobs: Set "Illumination" to "BSA/IR".
    2. "Top Substrate" is focus on Mask, "BSA Mag" is high/low mag., "BSA/IR" is illumination strength
  3. Use Arrow Soft Buttons: Drive BS uScope around until can see alignment marks on your mask plate.  
    1. "Top/Bottom" should be enabled to focus on "top" substrate, which is the mask plate.
  4. Get it in good focus in High mag, then press the [Grab Image] soft button.  
    1. Sample holder should be inserted during Grab, or it will error.
    2. Mask plate image will be frozen on the computer. You will align to this image using a digital overlay of the live BSA microscope.
  5. [Load] to insert sample, with sample alignment marks face down. [Enter] to turn on vacuum and/or perform WEC.
    1. Photoresist should be on the top side, which will be exposed through the mask plate.
    2. Set up your Contact parameters (contact type, exposure time etc.) beforehand if needed.
  6. Align using only sample movement micrometer knobs.  
    1. Knobs: "BSA/IR" illumination and "Bottom Substrate" are light & focus, respectivitly.
  7. [Expose] to shoot your exposure program.
  8. To expose more wafers, unload exposed wafer, and push empty wafer slide back in. Press [Grab Image] to store image again, and proceed with [Load] command for next wafer.