Step Profilometer (KLA Tencor P-7)

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Step Profilometer (KLA Tencor P-7)
KLA-Tencor-P7 Photo.JPG
Location Bay 4
Tool Type Inspection, Test and Characterization
Manufacturer KLA Tencor
Description Surface Profilometer

Primary Supervisor Bill Millerski
(805) 893-2655

Secondary Supervisor

Aidan Hopkins

Recipes N/A


The KLA-Tencor P7 profilometer is a stylus profilometer that drags a stylus across the wafer surface with controlled pressure, aligned via microcope, and measures the step-heights of surface features during the measurement. The system has a motor-controlled stage for X/Y/Rotation, and is typically used to measure step heights in single areas on various sample sizes frmo small pieces to 4-inch wafers. It can be programmed to scan multiple locations on a single wafer or 3D areas topography.

Detailed Specifications

  • Probe Tip has a 2um radius and a 60 degree angle
  • Maximum wafer size: ____
  • 1D Profile and 2D Raster Scanning
  • Lateral Resolution: _____
  • Height Resolution: _____