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|[[Tino Sy]]||Development Technician||(805) 893-3918x209||sy@ece.ucsb.edu
|[[Tino Sy]]||Development Technician||(805) 893-3918x209||sy@ece.ucsb.edu
|[[Mike Day]]||Senior Development Engineer||(805) 893-3918x223||day@ece.ucsb.edu

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Tony Bosch Senior Development Engineer (805) 893-3918X217 bosch@ece.ucsb.edu
Ning Cao Principal Development Engineer (805) 893-4689 ningcao@ece.ucsb.edu
Don Freeborn Senior Development Engineer (805) 893-3918x216 dfreeborn@ece.ucsb.edu
Aidan Hopkins Assistant Development Engineer (805) 893-3918x208 hopkins@ece.ucsb.edu
Bill Mitchell Principal Development Engineer (805) 893-4974 mitchell@ece.ucsb.edu
Tom Reynolds Lab Manager (805) 893-3918x215 reynolds@ece.ucsb.edu
Mike Silva Senior Development Engineer (805) 893-3918x219 silva@ece.ucsb.edu
Biljana Stamenic Senior Development Engineer (805) 893-4002 biljana@ece.ucsb.edu
Brian Thibeault Project Scientist (805) 893-2268 thibeault@ece.ucsb.edu
Luis Zuzunaga Research Assistant (805) 893-3918x218 luis@ece.ucsb.edu
Brian Lingg Senior Development Engineer (805) 893-3918x210 lingg@ece.ucsb.edu
Tino Sy Development Technician (805) 893-3918x209 sy@ece.ucsb.edu
Mike Day Senior Development Engineer (805) 893-3918x223 day@ece.ucsb.edu