SSI Solaris 150 - Operating Procedure

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Solaris (SSI) RTP Operating Instructions

1)  On the main system press the green power on button. You will hear a loud click and hear air flowing. If you do not hear anything after pressing the green button, try rotating the EMO button and then press the green power on button again.

2)  Press down on the door lever and gently pull out the wafer tray. Verify that a previous user did not leave a sample inside the system, there should only be a bare silicon wafer centered on the tray. Place your sample on the Si wafer.

3)  Ensure the quartz tray is centered and then gently push the door closed and latch it closed by lifting up on the handle. (Note: this is opposite of the old RTA)

4)  If the SSI process page is already running go to step #8

5)  On the desktop double click Solaris 3.8 starticon.

6)  Single click the green Start RTP Processicon.

7)  Single click the Run Processesicon.

8)  Set Purge MFC set point, SLMto 10.

9)  Set Delay Before PIDto 4.00.

10)                  From the pull down menu Select Recipe Fileto select your recipe.

11)                  Press the green icon labeled Startto start your process.

12)                  When process is complete a window will appear. Select Next Wafer.

13)                  Ensure control temperature reads less than 200C before opening door and removing your sample. Exercise caution, as the Si wafer and quartz tray may be very hot. Remove your sample.

14)                  Close the door and lift the latch closed, push the red power off button and fill out the logbook.