Photoluminescence PL Setup (Custom)

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Photoluminescence PL Setup (Custom)
Tool Type Inspection, Test and Characterization
Location Bay 6
Supervisor Ning Cao
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-4689
Supervisor E-Mail
Description Custom Built Photoluminescence
Manufacturer NONE


The Photoluminescence setup is on the same optical table as the Hologaphic Lithography setup.

This custom setup is used for materials characterization including crystal growth quality and gain region/quantum well growth, or semiconductor alloy ratio. Multiple laser sources are available - including the He-Cd laser also used for Holography, via a flip-down mirror.

Light is delivered in free-space and collected by optical fiber, and analyzed by a USB spectrometer.

Detailed Specifications

Pump Lasers Available

  • 325nm He-Cd - single mode, spatially filtered
    • Flip-down mirror to divert light from holography setup to PL delivery.
  • 405nm Diode Laser
  • 660nm Diode Laser

Optical Detection

  • Ocean Optics USB2000+
    • 340nm to 1025nm wavelength acquisition, through multi mode optical fiber
  • Raman spectrometer