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Dicing Saw Recipes (ADT 7100)

Cutting Parameters

Recommended Dicing Parameters
Material Blade P/N Spindle Speed (KRPM) Cut Speed (mm/s)
Alumina, AlN 2.187-8C-54RU-3 25 0.5-2
Ceramic 2.187-4C-30RU-3 18 0.5-2
GaAs 2.187-4C-9RU-3 35 1-5
GaN  (<550um) 2.187-4C-30RU-3 35 0.5-3
GaN  (>550um) 2.187-8C-30RU-3 35 0.5-2
Glass/Fused Silica 2.187-4C-22RU-3 25 1-5
InP 2.187-4C-9RU-3 35 1-5
Quartz 2.187-4C-30RU-3 25 1-5
Sapphire 2.187-8C-54RU-3 18 0.5-2
Si 2.187-4C-9RU-3 35 4-10
Si on Glasss 2.187-4C-9RU-3 25 1-5
SiC 2.187-8C-30RU-3 25 0.5-2
Ti 2.187-8C-54RU-3 15 0.5-2
Blade Diam Flange Diam. Blade Exposure
2.187" (55.55mm) 47mm 4.275mm
2.187" (55.55mm) 49mm 3.275mm
2.187" (55.55mm) 51mm 2.275mm
2.187" (55.55mm) 52mm 1.775mm
2.187" (55.55mm) 53mm 1.275mm
Blade Diam Flange Diam. Blade Exposure

Mounting/Unmounting Samples

The UV-Release Tape dispenser is most-often used for mounting sample for dicing.

The Tape Model installed is XYZXYZ. Data Sheet Here.

  • Procedure for mounting sample on UV-Release Tape
  • Full Release: 60 sec exposure
  • Partial Release for Shipping: 9 sec exposure

Surface Protection

Users most often use sacrificial photoresists to protect the surface from accumulating dicing dust. The static-buildup of dielectric films causes the dust to adhere strongly. Ensure that the PR thickness will adequately coat all your exposed topography (eg. use a ≥2µm thick PR for protecting 1.5-2.0µm tall etched features).

  1. Choose a photoresist of appropriate thickness, and spin-coat it & soft-bake it according to a standard recipe. Contact Alignment PR Recipes Stepper PR Recipes
  1. Perform your dicing
  2. Strip the PR in Acetone and ISO & N2 dry

Wafer Bonder (Logitech WBS7)

This tool is used for bonding samples to Silicon carrier wafers with CrystalBond wax.

Wax Mounting Procedure, with Spin-On Crystalbond

Draft only - in progress.  -- Demis 2018-10-16
  • Mix a fresh squirt bottle of CrystalBond diluted with Acetone (see Don Freeborn for method).
    • XYZ grams of crystalbond, mixed into
    • XYZ mL of Acetone, in dedicated squirt bottle
    • Shake/stir to completely dissolve the wax
  • Place 4-inch silicon carrier wafer on POLOS spinner in solvent bench, with non-vacuum 4-inch chuck installed.
  • Set up POLOS recipe
    • Spin at XYZ rpm for XYZ sec.
  • Squirt wax solution onto wafer
  • I/O to spin.
  • Place carrier wafer on Logitech bonder surface
  • Place sample to be bonded on top
  • Place 110mm chemical filter paper on top
  • Close lid, secure lid clamp
  • Run recipe:
    • XYZ °C
    • XYZ seconds
    • Vacuum etc.?