PECV1 Wafer Coating Process Traveler

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PECVD#1 deposition - 300nm SiN film @250°C

The wafers are ordered from SVM. These are low particle count 4" Si wafer where particle count is very low <100.

a)Log in to PECVD #1 (Staff account)

b)Edit standard recipes (for seasoning, deposition, and cleaning). You can ONLY change the time in recipes.

  • •Seasoning recipe name:
  • •Deposition recipe name:
  • •Cleaning recipe name:

c)Load the recipe for seasoning, and run it. The goal of this step is to coat chamber walls and prepare it for deposition.

d)Vent the chamber and load 4"Si wafer (place in in the center of platen). You can place small pieces around, to protect wafer from moving

e)Pump down and load the recipe for deposition.

f) Edit the recipe for deposition, change the time ONLY.

g) Run deposition

h) Wait for deposition to be finished. Unload the wafer

i) Wipe sidewall first with water then with IPA.

j) Load recipe for cleaning. Edit the recipe and enter required time for cleaning.

k)Run the cleaning recipe.