Oxford ICP Etcher - Process Control Data

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Data - InP Ridge Etch (Oxford ICP Etcher)

PECVD SiO2 hardmask, patterned on Stepper #2 (AutoStep 200) & Panasonic ICP #1

InP Ridge Etch: 60°C, 3mT, 800W/65W, Cl2=18, H2=15, CH4=10sccm, time=5min05sec (305sec)
Date Sample# Etch Rate (nm/min) Etch Selectivity (InP/SiO2) Comments SEM Images
1/11/22 DJ_Cal 0.602 64.6nm left Software timing bugs fixed - new etch rate will appear slightly higher. [1]
1/12/22 DJ_Cal02 0.563 76.4nm left [2]
1/12/22 DJ_Cal03 0.612 71nm left [3]