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*[[ media: Watlow_982_controller.pdf|Operating Instructions Chapter 7 is specific to Nanofab users]]
*[[ media: Watlow_982_controller.pdf|Operating Instructions: Chapter 7 is specific to Nanofab users]]
=Oven 5=
=Oven 5=

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The oven temperature can be controlled from 30C-200C with a ramp rate between 0.1C-1.0C/min. Maximum temperature is 200C. There is a N2 purge to provide a dry intert atmosphere during use.


Oven 5

Oven 5 (Labline)
Tool Type Lithography
Location Bay 5
Supervisor Brian Lingg
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-8145
Supervisor E-Mail lingg_b@ucsb.edu
Description ?
Manufacturer Labline