Mechanical Polisher (Allied)

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Mechanical Polisher (Allied)
Tool Type Wet Processing
Location ESB 111x?
Supervisor Brian Lingg
Supervisor Phone (805) 893-8145
Supervisor E-Mail
Description Mechanical Polisher
Manufacturer Allied High Tech Products Inc.
Model 10-1110
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The Allied Polisher allows for bulk thinning of substrates, and fine polishing of optical waveguide facets. Various materials are typically lapped/polished, such as Silicon GaAs, InP.

Detailed Specs

  • Max. Substrate Size
  • Lapping Films available:
    • 10µm AlOx
    • 5µm AlOx
    • 2µm AlOx
    • 1µm AlOx
    • 0.5 AlOx

Operating Procedures

  • To Be Added