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Welcome to the UCSB Nanofab Wiki
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             Equipment & Recipes
Make sure you know the
Lab Rules
1 Unaxis ICP-PECVD is DOWN

I removed the wafer that was stuck in the process chamber. Once again it was user error. You MUST remove ALL of the resist from the outer 5-7mm of your wafer when processing with 100mm substrates. Sadly the system is still down. I looked into the RF1 tuning issues and it looks as though it has failed completely. I tried replacing the AMT controller but the failure mode didn't change. I did notice that when I placed the AMT controller in Manual and tried to drive the caps the matching network was unresponsive. It looks like the matching network may need to be replaced.-Tony //Vraj Mehalana 09:25, 30 May 2023 (PDT)


We received the new Xe bottle, and it was installed, leak checked, and tested without issue. IBD is back up and available for use. I apologize for any inconvenience. //Vraj Mehalana 12:20, 25 May 2023 (PDT)

3 Plasma Activation (EVG 810)

We have received almost all the replacement parts for the tool except the new chuck. The original delivery date of mid June has now been pushed out to early September and they have stated that this is the best that their supplier can do. I will not be installing any new parts on the tool until we have everything. Runs will still require Staff supervision until then. //Vraj Mehalana 18:01, 2 May 2023 (PDT)

4 How to use this wiki

  • NanoFab Users are responsible for understanding their chemistry, risks and usage of various chemicals. Please read the MSDS sheets for the chemicals you use!
  • Users can add qualified processing data to the Wiki pages; see the Editing_Tutorials for how to do that.
Bay3 v1.jpg
GowningRoom v2.jpg

  • Supervisors of individuals using the facility, e.g., UCSB Principal Investigators and external user managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their supervisees have the appropriate knowledge and training to work safely in the facility.
  • They are also responsible for ensuring that all applicable regulatory requirements are met. This includes having a compliant "Chemical Hygiene Plan" per OSHA regulations.
  • The information on this site should be considered as providing "general supporting information" to the Chemical Hygiene Plan of a particular supervisor. Supervisors can reference all or some of this site information within their Plans. UCSB EH&S can provide assistance to supervisors in preparing their Plans.

5 News & Announcements

News from the U.C. Santa Barbara Nanofabrication Facility.

Wide FOV Microscope Installed

We have installed an AmScope stereo microscope in Bay 4 for wide field-of-view digital imaging/capture, with >2cm of FOV currently available. Wiki page here: AmScope Wide Field of View Stereoscope // John d 14:52, 19 April 2023 (PDT)

6 Loomis Scribe & Break installed

We have installed a new Loomis LSD-155LT Automated Scribe & Break Cleaving tool in the Back-End Processing lab. Qualifications are underway. Contact supervisor, Aidan Hopkins, for more information. // John d 09:41, 16 April 2023 (PDT)

7 JEOL SEM Installed

SEM #1 has been replaced with a new JEOL SEM, which is currently being installed and qualified. Contact the supervisor, Aidan Hopkins, for more information. // John d 09:00, 11 April 2023 (PDT)

8 Dektak XT installed

We have replaced the old Dektak 6M with a new Dektak XT profilometer. This tool will provide robust, fast metrology for rapid in-process topography inspection. // John d 10:41, 25 January 2023 (PST)

9 New Process Control data tables

We have added "Process Control Data" - data on deposition/etch repeatability - to a number of our highest used etchers and deposition tools. The datasheets are linked in multiple places, mainly on the Recipes pages for each tool, or on the general Recipes pages for Deposition Recipes or Etch Recipes. // John d 16:07, 5 January 2023 (PST)

10 Oxford PlasmaPro ICP Etcher installed

We have a new ICP etcher in Bay 2: Oxford_ICP_Etcher_(PlasmaPro_100_Cobra)

The tool has been qualified for InP Ridge and InGaAsP Grating etches, and is intended for III-V etching in general (GaAs, GaN, GaSb etc.)

In addition, the tool is capable of Atomic Layer Etching on various materials. Contact the supervisor for training. // John d 11:27, 29 September 2021 (PDT)

11 SiO2 etching, High-Aspect Ratio

Dr. Bill Mitchell recently published an article detailing high-aspect ratio SiO2 etching (JVST-A, May 2021) in the Plasma-Therm Fluorine ICP etcher, using a novel Ruthenium Hard Mask.

Ruthenium can be deposited using the Oxford ALD or AJA Sputter and etched in one of the Panasonic ICP's.

You can find a full process flow at the FL-ICP's Recipe Page, in this case using a Sputtered Ru hard mask and I-line stepper lithography. // John d 08:05, 27 May 2021 (PDT)

12 Wafer Polisher available

We have added an Allied Wafer Polish tool to our equipment list. Contact Bill_Millerski for more information. // John d 16:49, 10 May 2021 (PDT)

13 Digital Microscope: Olympus DSX-1000

You'll see a new digital microscope in Bay 4/Metrology, that's our new Olympus DSX-1000. We are currently developing procedures, keep an eye out for training emails. // John d 13:49, 8 April 2021 (PDT)

14 Raith Velion: FIB/SEM Installation

We have installed a new state-of-the-art focused ion beam/electron beam tool in Bay 1. The Raith Velion enables synchronized interferometric stage, Focused-ion Beam Lithography with ~10nm features or less, live SEM during writing, and Electron-Beam Lithography.

Learn more about the tool's capabilities at the Raith website:

Tool qualification is currently underway. Dr. Dan Read is the resident expert on this new tool.

// John d 06:53, 30 November 2020 (PST)

For any questions, comments or concerns regarding the wiki, please contact the Wiki Admin.