KLA Tencor P7 - Basic profile instructions

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KLA Tencor P-7 Profiler Operating Instructions

Note: If the stage is not in the load/unload position, click on sample from the top menu bar and select manual load.

Do not open the door if the stage is moving or not at the load/unload position.

  1. Open door and place sample in the center of the chuck.
  2. Turn on vacuum and close door.
  3. Click on sample from the top menu bar and select manual load. Visuallyverify the sample is under the stylus. If it is not, unload and reposition sample.
  4. From the main Profiler screen, select scan recipe.
  5. Single click a scan recipe based on the total height of the structure to be measured.
  6. Select the xy icon.
  7. Select Focus. This will lower the stylus and focus on the sample.
  8. Use the arrow buttons on the screen to center sample measurement area. You can also double click on the area to be scanned to center it.
  9. Drag the blue cursor left to right or right to left across feature to be profiled. The arrow shows the scan direction and length of scan.
  10. Select start. Note: The image will shift down during the scan.
  11. When scan trace appears, select level. Move leveling cursors to flat area and select level again.
  12. Measurement cursors will appear. Move cursors to desired locations.
  13. Read the St Height in microns.
  14. Close window or save data or export graph if needed.
  15. Select Sample from main menu bar.
  16. Select manual load.
  17. Wait for stage to finish moving to load/unload position, open door and switch off vacuum.
  18. Remove sample and close door.