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==High Rate Bosch Etch (DSEIII)==
==High Rate Bosch Etch (DSEIII)==
*[[media:10-Si_Etch_Bosch_DSEIII.pdf|Bosch Process]]
*[[media:10-Si_Etch_Bosch_DSEIII.pdf|Bosch Process]]
==Single-Step Low Etch Rate Smooth Sidewall Process (DSEIII)==
*[[media:10-Si_Etch_Single_Step_Smooth_Sidewall_DSEIII.pdf|Single Step Process]]
=[[Si Deep RIE (PlasmaTherm/Bosch Etch)]]=
=[[Si Deep RIE (PlasmaTherm/Bosch Etch)]]=

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High Rate Bosch Etch (DSEIII)

Single-Step Low Etch Rate Smooth Sidewall Process (DSEIII)

Si Deep RIE (PlasmaTherm/Bosch Etch)

Bosch and Release Etch (Si Deep RIE)

  • Bosch and Release Processes
    • Ideal for deep (>>1µm), vertical etching of Silicon. Through-wafer etches are possible (requires carrier wafer).
    • Etch rate depends on area of exposed silicon being etched.
    • Al2O3 mask (ALD or Sputter) has >9000:1 selectivity
    • SiO2 (PECVD) mask has ~100:1 selectivity
    • Thermal SiO2 has ~300:1 selectivity.

Single-step Si Etching (not Bosch Process!) (Si Deep RIE)

ICP Etch 1 (Panasonic E626I)

SiO2 Etching (Panasonic 1)

SiNx Etching (Panasonic 1)

Al Etch (Panasonic 1)

Cr Etch (Panasonic 1)

Ti Etch (Panasonic 1)

W-TiW Etch (Panasonic 1)

GaAs-AlGaAs Etch (Panasonic 1)

GaN Etch (Panasonic 1)

SiC Etch (Panasonic 1)

Sapphire Etch (Panasonic 1)

ICP Etch 2 (Panasonic E640)

Recipes starting points for materials without processes listed can be obtained from Panasonic1 recipe files. The chambers are slightly different, but essentially the same, requiring only small program changes to obtain similar results.

SiO2 Etching (Panasonic 2)

SiNx Etching (Panasonic 2)

Al Etch (Panasonic 2)

GaAs Etch (Panasonic 2)

ICP-Etch (Unaxis VLR)

GaAs-AlGaAs Etch (Unaxis VLR)

InP-InGaAs-InAlAs Etch (Unaxis VLR)

GaN Etch (Unaxis VLR)

GaSb Etch (Unaxis VLR)