GCA 6300 Reboot Procedures

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Reboot – When terminal keyboard locks up (frozen keyboard), etc.

1.If the terminal keyboard (the main keyboard used for alignment) is not responding, first make sure the NO SCRL key was not pressed (on the main keyboard). This gives the appearance that the keyboard is locked up, but the screen has just been paused.

2.On the terminal keyboard (the main keyboard), press together Ctrl and ]

  • ] this is right bracket on the keyboard
  • This exits the terminal and returns control to the MOP PC(#1).

3.Pull out the PC keyboard (the upper keyboard, it is located right above the main keyboard) and press Scroll Lock twice. This toggles the KVM switch from the Smart Set PC (#2) to the MOP PC (#1).

4.Using the mouse, select ALT + X to exit (bottom off the screen). You can also type ALT + X on the upper keyboard. A window will open asking to power down the Stepper, click OK. The PC will exit to DOS.

5.At this point you can either restart the software from DOS or turn the MOP PC (#1) off and on. To restart from DOS, enter stepper at the DOS prompt.

6.The main menu for the MOP PC (#1) should appear on the top monitor once the software/PC boots up. Pullout the PC keyboard (upper keyboard) and using the mouse, select Operate Stepper -> Start. Put the keyboard away ( push in on the sides to slide the keyboard in) .

7.The terminal will ask you to enter the time. Enter the time and date as in this example: 14:25 24-APR-19 and press Enter (the return key)

8.LOG IN [10,1], type ORIG . The stage will find its origin and then go back to the load position

9.Log out