Atomic Layer Deposition Recipes

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Atomic Layer Deposition (Oxford FlexAL)

Al2O3 deposition (ALD CHAMBER 3)

AlN deposition (ALD CHAMBER 3)

HfO2 deposition (ALD CHAMBER 3)

Pt deposition (ALD CHAMBER 1)


  • Ch1_TMCpPt+O3-300C: Pt deposition rate ~ 0.5-0.6A/cyc
  • recipe utilizes the ozone generator which must be first set to the following conditions: O2 flow = 250sccm, O3 concentration = 15 wt%
  • Conductivity data: (to be added soon)

Ru deposition (ALD CHAMBER 1)


  • Ch1_Ex03Ru[HPbub]+O2-300C: Ru deposition rate ~ 0.65A/cyc.
  • Conductivity data: (to be added soon)

SiO2 deposition (ALD CHAMBER 3)

ZnO deposition (ALD CHAMBER 1)

  • Ch1_DEZ/TMA+H2O-200C (Al dose fraction = 5%): ZnO deposition rate ~ 1.7A/cyc, resistivity ~ (390A film)

ZrO2 deposition (ALD CHAMBER 3)

TiO2 deposition (ALD CHAMBER 3)

  • Ch3_TDMAT+H2O-300C: TiO2 deposition rate ~ 0.6A/cyc
  • Note: deposition shows parasitic growth (via CVD channel) if H2O purge/pump times are not sufficient.

TiN deposition (ALD CHAMBER 3)

  • Ch3_TDMAT+N*/H*-300C: TiN deposition rate ~ 0.7A/cyc
  • Conductivity data: (to be added soon)