ASML Stepper 3: Wafer Handler Reset Procedure

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If the Warnings Window shows "Wafer Handling not initialized', or the Cassettes are not mapping (cassette may be partly lowered), or you opened the Port cover while robots were moving, you need to reset the Wafer Handler with the following procedure.

  1. Queue > Clear, to clear the task list
    1. do not proceed to next step unless Queue is cleared! Should say only “1-PAUSE” in the task list
    2. If queue won’t clear, call supervisor! Requires full software reset.
    3. If you were not in “Task Streaming” screen already, proceed to next step.
  2. Exit to Main Menu with (cancel) & (exit)
  3. DON’T perform Fast Startup
    1. always choose “Don’t perform startup” if it asks!
  4. Lift black metal cover behind keyboard to expose the “hardware reset buttons”
  5. Press & hold BOTH “GLOBAL RESET” buttons for 1-2sec then release
    1. DO NOT leave the machine at this point! It is imperative that the system is not left in this state for more than a few minutes, or the temperature will drift, requiring hours of stabilization.
  6. The Warnings window will show “host xyz-8477 unreachable
    1. you may need to use [F4] FRONT keyboard key to show the warnings window, which is at the bottom of the screen
    2. wait until all “host unreachable” warnings disappear.  
    3. should see “CT not initialized” warning, and possibly a “reinitialize wafer handling” warning.
  7. Choose Startup/Shutdown > Startup (FULL) > START
    1. All robots will reinitialize. Do not open port covers, as robots will be moving!
    2. When it is done, it will exit to previous screen
  8. Exit out to Main Menu
  9. (Mat Hdl) material handler > Exchange Reticle Box > (Read All)
  10. System is ready for use, exit to main menu and restart your job(s)

2022-08-23 Demis D John